Guns Up! & Wreck ‘EM!  The fun starts NOW  with souvenir items to purchase for former Raider Reds, Saddle Tramps and Red Raider fans. 100% of ALL PROFITS will be used for the 50th Anniversary Celebration promotions, Bell Tower improvements and the Raider Red Statue project.


   Fall 2020 Events: Join us at Homecoming 2020 for a Former Raider Reds and Friends post-game celebration at the West Table Restaurant in downtown Lubbock. Details available under the “Events” tab. 


Note:  This is a new web site having no official connection to Texas Tech University or the Saddle Tramp Alumni Association.  All items listed on this site with Texas Tech logos have been approved.

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Raider Red History

• Learn  about the “Creation of Raider Red”


Photo Gallery

• View & Contribute  fun & unique photos of Raider Red


Tech Traditions

• Cherish & Remember  the wonderful traditions that we experience at Tech



• Secure  your Homecoming 2020 Former Raider Reds & Friends Breakfast tickets & Post-game Celebration Reservations (100% of ALL PROFITS used for Raider Red’s 50th Anniversary Celebration 2021)



• Buy  your beautifully designed and crafted Raider Red souvenirs (100% of ALL PROFITS used for Raider Red’s 50th Anniversary Celebration 2021) 


107 Project: Statue Update

• Participate  in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and be a part of the fundraising campaign that builds the Raider Red Statue. Funds raised, go towards the construction of the statue, any remaining funds will be placed into the new Raider Red Endowment Scholarship


Raider Red Registry

• Requesting  all former Raider Reds and Assistance to provide current contact information (Your information WILL NOT BE SHARED here or anywhere else!)